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Does Blink Work with Google Nest?

If you’re curious about whether Blink security cameras work with Google Nest, you might have faced some conflicting or confusing information.

Nest, developed by Google, and Blink, owned by Amazon, have some compatibility concerns mainly because they belong to two major competing companies.

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While Blink’s primary integration is designed for Alexa-enabled devices, some users have managed to make it work with Google Assistant.

All it takes is linking the Blink Camera app to your Google Home app for a pretty seamless home monitoring experience.

It’s important to remember, though, this isn’t a native integration, so you might not get all the same features as with an Alexa-enabled device.

Before deciding to pair the two, you’ll also want to keep in mind that Google Nest offers its own range of indoor and outdoor security cameras which are specifically designed to work with Google Home.

That said, if you do want to link Blink with your Google Nest, you can make it happen.

Google Nest and Blink: An Overview

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Blink is a series of cameras owned by Amazon. They’re designed to work smoothly with Alexa, Amazon’s own AI speech assistant.

Google, on the other hand, has Nest, a camera series that competes directly with Amazon’s Blink.

Nest is designed to work specifically with Google Home, also known as Google Assistant.

As you could probably guess, Google and Amazon aren’t exactly best buds in the smart home world.

That’s why Blink cameras don’t have native compatibility with Google Home.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope in getting these two to play nice together.


You can use IFTTT (If This Then That) to create a connection between Blink and Google Home.

IFTTT is a web-based service that lets you create “triggers,” which are sort of like recipes that automate the interaction between devices and services.

To set this up, you’ll have to:

  1. Find the Blink service within IFTTT.
  2. Click on “Connect” to start the setup process.
  3. Follow the instructions to sign in to your Blink account within the IFTTT app.
  4. Grant IFTTT the necessary access permissions so it can interact with your Blink devices.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have an IFTTT integration that allows Blink and Google Home to work together.

Just keep in mind this isn’t a native connection, so it might not be perfect, and IFTTT is a paid monthly service unless you want very limited utility.

Setting Up Blink with Google Nest

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Setting up your Blink camera with Google Nest is pretty straightforward, even though these devices don’t have native integration.

Here’s what you need to do to get your Blink cams working with your Google Nest Hub.

Make sure your Blink account and Google Assistant account are both set up and ready to go.

This will help streamline the process when connecting them in your smart home ecosystem.

Download and install the Google Home app on your smartphone.

In the app, add your Nest Hub if you haven’t already.

Then, you’ll need a workaround for the lack of native integration between Blink and Google Assistant.

Check out IFTTT or third-party apps that bridge the gap, allowing you to integrate Blink with Google Assistant and ultimately with your Nest Hub.

Go to the Google Home app and tap on the “+” button to add a new device.

You’ll need to search for the IFTTT service or the third-party app you’ve chosen to use.

Sign in using your Blink account credentials, and then proceed to link your Blink camera with Google Assistant.

Make sure to grant all the required permissions to enable seamless communication between the devices.

With everything linked, you can now use voice commands to control your Blink camera from your Nest Hub.

You can ask Google to show you the live feed from your security camera, for instance, or to request playback of specific video clips.

In a nutshell, while Blink and Google Nest don’t natively support each other, you can still make them work together with a little ingenuity and some extra apps.

With a few simple steps, you’ll have your Blink camera and Nest Hub working together to keep your smart home secure and easily controllable.

It just won’t be a direct connection, and you will have to rely on a little third-party magic.

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